pysap package


[pysap]( is an open source Python library that provides modules for crafting and sending packets using SAP’s NI, Diag, Enqueue, Router, Message Server, SNC and IGS protocols. In addition, support for creating and parsing different proprietary file formats is included. The modules are built on top of [Scapy]( and are based on information acquired at researching the different protocols, file formats and services.


  • Dissection and crafting of the following network protocols:

    • SAP Network Interface (NI)
    • SAP Diag
    • SAP Enqueue
    • SAP Router
    • SAP Message Server (MS)
    • SAP Secure Network Connection (SNC)
    • SAP Internet Graphic Server (IGS)
  • Client interfaces for handling the following file formats:

    • SAP SAR archive files
    • SAP PSE (Personal Security Environment) files
    • SAP SSO Credential (Credv2) files
  • Library implementing SAP’s LZH and LZC compression algorithms.

  • Automatic compression/decompression of payloads with SAP’s algorithms.

  • Client, proxy and server classes implemented for some of the protocols.

  • Example scripts to illustrate the use of the different modules and protocols.

  1. 2012-2018 by Martin Gallo, Core Security.

GNU General Public License v2 or later (GPLv2+).